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Cleanliness is one of the biggest indicators of how much one cares about the environment they are providing, whether it be for customers, clients, patients, or even family & friends. The thing about cleaning is that it is an intimidating task for many. Especially when specific methods are required in order to ensure a place is properly cleaned, the help of a professional cleaning service is more than necessary.

Our Services

CSR is a professional cleaning company located in London that is offering a wide array of cleaning services to cover all aspects of cleaning your business could need. With several decades worth of experience in the cleaning industry, meeting the high industry standards and clients requirements is our second nature.

We understand that businesses and customers demand exceptional service. When you choose CSR to handle your cleaning needs, you can rest assured that you made the right choice. Over time we’ve developed quite a team of professional cleaners and have expanded our service capabilities to practically no limits. Whatever cleaning you need to get done in London can be done by our highly experienced team with ease.


After Builders Cleaning

We can attend to your recently built or renovated premise in order to bring your location to a client-ready standard. Often times, once construction of a building or a renovation has been completed, there is a mess of dust, debris, marks, smudges, etc. We can take care of all of those problems and leave your premise in a perfect state - fresh & ready to receive your customers so you can get back to business.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Floor Cleaning

With our steam cleaning, stain removal, and rug cleaning methods, we can help restore your dirty carpets back to their former glory. After many years of cleaning for all types of properties, we’ve also learned how to clean & maintain all types of flooring. Whether you have marble, stone, wood, or laminate floors, we know what products to use in order to leave a quality finish.

Commercial window cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows can be a difficult, and even dangerous, task to deal with.

Our window cleaning technicians are pros at window cleaning and can take care of your window cleaning needs.

End of tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Whether you are a tenant who needs a clean up after moving our or you are a landlord in need of a professional cleaning service before you move a new tenant in your home or unit, CSR can offer our end of tenancy cleaning service.

Emergency and short notice cleaning

Emergency & Short Notice

CSR offers 24/7 emergency cleaning services in London so we can help you get out of a tight spot. Our comprehensive emergency cleaning services are capable of cleaning up following a fire, flood, as well as accidents occurring in restaurants, hotels, homes, commercial properties & industrial premises.

Gym Cleaning London

Gym & SPA Cleaning

We understand the unique requirements that gyms and health clubs need to be fulfilled in order to provide customers with a safe environment. Many of the cleaning concerns relate to water, equipment, and changing rooms. By taking the time to understand the specific features and requirements our clients’ businesses need, we have been able to properly accommodate the needs of gym & spa cleaning.

Hotel Cleaning London

Hotel & Restaurant Cleaning

Hotels and restaurants require a lot of cleaning and maintenance in order to provide customers with a high-quality service & environment. Our deep cleaning is capable of handling the cleaning of all types of kitchen appliances, toilets, sinks, taps, floors, walls, ceilings, fixtures, and so much more. We pay attention to detail to ensure we clean every single crevice, leaving your business in pristine condition.

Ambulance Cleaning London

Ambulance Cleaning

When it comes to the health industry, we realise the importance of preventing the spread of infection, disease, bacteria, and fungus. We have developed in-depth cleaning techniques in order to achieve this so your health facility maintains its reputation and continues to provide the best quality care.

Front of House and Public Area Cleaning

The front of your business and reception area are where customers will determine their first impression of your services. Allow us to assist in keeping your business clean & tidy so your customers notice that you care about providing them with a good environment. This is also beneficial for your employees & their happiness on the job.

Why Choose CSR?

Here at CSR, we understand that one of the main reasons for hiring a professional cleaning service is to help save you time. Why spend your time cleaning when you can focus on other, more enjoyable things like family or hobbies? Not to mention, cleaning is a long, hard task that requires a lot of focus in order to get the job done properly.


What makes us the best cleaning service provider in London is more than just saving you time. There are more reasons to choose us as your professional cleaning service.  

We’re Already Serving Big Businesses & Hotels in London

After providing our cleaning services in London for a few decades now, we’ve established long term relationships with many businesses & hotels.


Some of our clients include Morgans Hotel Group, Park Plaza, St Martins Lane, and Sanderson to name a few.


If you don’t want to take our word for it that our services are great, then perhaps their continuing service with us may prove to your our dedication to providing the best service possible.  

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There is practically nothing we can’t do in regards to your cleaning needs in London. We consider ourselves to be the best commercial cleaning London service out there. You can rely on us for all of your cleaning needs which are available at competitive prices. Let us know what you need and what your requirements are. Our professional, capable, & fully uniformed cleaning team will exceed your expectations. Get in touch with us today!

Hard Work and Dedication

Once a person has been hired to become a cleaner with CSR, we provide them with an extensive training programme in order to ensure they are able to meet our standards.


Our employees are informed on our methods & techniques, supervised during an initial period, and continually monitored in order to verify they are able to maintain our high-standard results.


The cleaning industry requires cleaners to be knowledgeable on how to use specific machinery, equipment, cleaning agents, and more. Here at CSR, we aim to provide our clients only with the best cleaning service possible.


By putting our cleaners through our comprehensive training programme, we display our commitment to these high cleaning standards.

Environmentally Friendly!

When it comes to our daily cleaning operations, we opt to use eco-friendly cleaning products.

As the first company to use InnuScience for back house cleaning, we continue to promote the use of biological cleaning products whenever it is possible.


The benefit of this is that it reduces environmental impact, increases trust with our customers, & meets legal obligations and standards.


All of our services are covered by our CSR satisfaction guarantee. We are so confident that you are going to be satisfied with the services that we guarantee it.


Our cleaners work to provide our clients with the highest standards of cleaning. You will find that we do just that.  

What We Can Do For You

CSR offers an extensive array of cleaning services in order to provide the most specific cleaning needs of any business. We are also able to provide cleaning for your residential home upon request. No matter what your cleaning needs are, we can take care of the job.


Just make sure to get in touch with us about what you need and we will let you know what we can do for you.


You can choose to hire any us for any of our services on a case by case basis or choose to hire us contractually. We are able to place your business on our schedule for regular & routine cleaning so you can feel secure knowing that your basic cleaning needs are already handled.


Apart from offering regular cleaning & maintenance services, we are able to do a deep clean for many specific aspects of your business.



When we plan a deep clean, we ensure the highest quality finish achieved in the most cost-effective way possible. Whether you would like us to put our focus on specific problem areas or you prefer us to bring your overall premise to a higher standard, we will listen to your needs in order to make sure we accomplish your goals.


We pay great attention to detail and will make sure to thoroughly address any crevices and hard to reach places when you hire us for a deep clean.