After Builders Cleaning

When a home, office, or workplace renovation has taken place, the finished product doesn’t always come out clean.


Often times the place is covered in debris, dust, dirt, and other unsightly remains of construction.


While this is something you can take on yourself, dealing with this cleaning can take up more time than you think. This is where CSR can scoop in and take care of the job for you.


We can provide you with professional after builders cleaning services that will leave your home or commercial space spotless.


While we take care of the tough work, you can focus on things that are more important to you - whether that be family time, hobbies, or focusing on your business. If you need after builders cleaning in London, then you can count on us for a reliable, high-quality job done every time.

Emergency and short notice cleaning

A Professional Team Well Equipped & Ready to Clean

Our cleaners operate to achieve high industry demands no matter how big the task is.


This service is suitable for hotels, restaurants, homes, residencies, industrial premises, as well as commercial spaces. When we are completed with our clean-up, your place will look clean, feel fresh, and be ready to serve your customers & clients so you can get back to delivering your business.


You don’t have to worry about cleaning up the aftermath yourself or any debris left when we are finished.



Our after builders cleaning London service is guaranteed to bring any premise up to client-ready standards.


Cleaners are equipped with high quality, industrial equipment that will ensure your space is left sparkling clean the next time you lay your eyes on it.


From vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, scrubbers, and deep cleansing agents, we have it all in order to make your space ready to live in, work in, and eat in.


Why Choose CSR?

When it comes to homes, we take the time to polish the floors, deep clean carpets, remove any markings on the walls, and cleanse the air to create a dust-free environment.


Commercial spaces & offices are approached with an equally professional cleaning and care. Every safety precaution will be taken & spaces will be left clean and ready to use.


We strive to continue providing our clients with only the highest quality service & standards. Not only do we offer effective cleaning, but we also offer our services at reasonable costs. Over the years, our quality has remained top notch.


After a combined 40 years, we’ve established long-term relationships with big-name businesses & hotels. We hold our staff of cleaners & client managers to high standards so we can maintain our reliability.



All of our cleaners go through an in-depth screening process that requires a background & police check. We ensure all of our cleaners as well so you can feel at ease.


Our training programme prepares our employees to provide the best cleaning and helps them to understand crucial safety precautions.

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