Ambulance Deep Cleaning Services

When it comes to the cleanliness & hygiene of your ambulance or emergency vehicle, it is of paramount importance that the environment is kept immaculate to ensure the health and safety of those passengers.


Ambulances are constantly being used by emergency services and it is extremely common for the interior to come into contact with blood, vomit, and other bodily fluids.



With this regular exposure to bodily fluids, there is a risk of spreading infections or diseases (such as hepatitis or HIV) to other passengers travelling in these vehicles.


This makes the regular cleaning, maintenance, and sanitisation of ambulances quintessential in order to eliminate these risks. The health industry holds high standards in terms of sanitisation, which is a standard that our cleaning team will meet every time.  

Ambulance Cleaning London

CSR Ambulance Deep Cleaning Services

Here at CSR, our team has years of experience dealing with deep cleaning & sanitisation. We have extensive knowledge of effective cleaning methods as well as biotechnology to ensure that germs & bacterias are killed in the process.


We understand that the level of cleanliness required by health institutions is extremely high. The CSR cleaning team is more than capable of achieving these high-industry standards through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and specific cleaning agents.



Our professional ambulance cleaning service is designed to eliminate all sorts of contaminants.


Understanding the severity of some cases that occur in ambulances, we put our priority into ensuring the removal of Tuberculosis, Norovirus, E.coli, HIV, fungus, as well as all other infections in order to eliminate the risk of these contaminants spreading.  


Dedication and Experience

Not only does our ambulance deep cleaning service help to protect future passengers, but it also ensures the health & safety of your employees, paramedics, as well as other patients in your health facility.


Because odours, contaminants, and bacterias can quickly spread through ventilation systems, we take every sanitising measure needed in order to prevent this from happening.



We understand that the #1 priority of your health facility is to provide the best care possible to your patients. When you choose CSR to deep clean your ambulances, we consider ourselves to be an extension of your team.


Every precaution will be taken so your ambulances are in the perfect state to provide a safe, clean environment for both patients and employees.


The bar we set for our cleaners is high because we understand that our clients require high standard outcomes when it comes to the finished product.


Our extensive training requires our cleaners to gain knowledge on the latest cleaning tech, how to use equipment, every safety precaution to be taken, as well as how to clean in the more environmentally friendly way possible.  

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