Checklist To Clean A Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning: The Useful list of things to do

One of the biggest challenges of running a busy restaurant is keeping the kitchen clean. With all the many things the staff have to do, the regular Commercial kitchen cleaning can become a problem if you don't have a method.

Of course, you can always go to a professional commercial kitchen cleaning company. However, with our list, you will easily track things to do and to follow and it will always come in handy.

Regular cleaning of industrial kitchens is essential for food safety and hygiene. They also reduce food waste and therefore lower final costs, in addition to maintenance costs.

Daily Tasks to have a Clean Kitchen

Tasks to do after each meal preparation (for chefs and assistants)

  • Clean the grids when changing between meats and fish
  • Clean the surface
  • Turn the cutting boards the other way
  • Change the dirty water with detergent and clean towels
  • Empty the bin


How to clean a Commercial Kitchen

After each shift:

Those who take care of the breakfast, lunch and dinner shifts should share responsibility for keeping the kitchen clean. Planning a specific time of day dedicated to the following actions ensures that there are no flaws in cleaning industrial kitchens.

  • Clean the fryers
  • Brush the grids
  • Empty the buckets of dirty water
  • Throw away the used towels with dirty clothes
  • Arrange (apart from towels) dirty uniforms and aprons in the laundry room
  • Wash and sanitize all surfaces (cutting boards, pantries, preparation shelves)
  • Empty and clean the trolley
  • Wash meat and cheese slicers after each use
  • Cover all the containers in the fridge with plastic wrap
  • Sweep and clean the floor

Daily tasks

  • Clean the grease filters
  • Change the films above grills, burners and flat tops
  • Wash the can opener
  • Wash the hood filters in the dishwasher

Industrial kitchen cleaning: the list of less frequent tasks

Weekly tasks:

Each of these tasks can be managed in rotation during the week so that each shift has an equal amount of work.

  • Empty and sanitize the refrigerated cabinets
  • Remove residues from taps and sinks
  • Clean the coffee machines
  • Clean the ovens, paying attention to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Sharpen the knives
  • Use the disgorging in the drains of the floor

Monthly actions:

In the same way as weekly tasks, these monthly tasks should be rotated during the month, so that staff share the work-effort fairly.

  • Wash beyond the fire line (ovens, stoves, deep fryers) in order to reduce the accumulation of fat, the main cause of fires
  • Clean the freezers
  • Empty and sanitize the ice maker
  • Calibrate the ovens
  • Calibrate the thermometers
  • Sharpening meat and cheese slicers
  • Wash walls and ceilings
  • Clean up the storage area
  • Change the mouse traps
  • Refill first aid kits
  • Update the safety data sheets that provide information on how to use chemicals safely in your restaurant

Annual tasks:

There are also several important things to do every year to make the kitchen clean and safe. Most of these require the support of professional industrial kitchen cleaners.

It is good to plan them during the dead periods, or just before the high season. In this way, if there are problems or repairs to be carried out, you will not waste precious time.

  • Check fire systems
  • Check the fire extinguishers. It may be necessary to do this several times a year, so check the regulations
  • Clean the hoods twice a year. Contact a company that specializes in cleaning hoods rather than doing it yourself. In fact, cleaning the hoods takes a long time and involves specific tasks
  • Clean the gas burners on all kitchen countertops thoroughly. Follow the manufacturer's instructions

Implementing this routine helps you keep your kitchens safe for customers and staff. It also serves to prevent contamination and reduce food waste, keeping staff happy and your profits high.

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