Commercial Floor Cleaning

With many years of experience cleaning floors for business, hotels, & commercial spaces, we’ve learned the best methods of cleaning & maintaining all types of floors.


From marble, stone, wood & laminate floors, we can tackle any of your commercial floor cleaning London service needs.


Often times, a business may have more than one type of floor to take care of. At CSR, we can handle any task when it comes to our commercial floor cleaning services.



We understand that over time your floor can develop some wear, dirt, & marks that just can’t be removed by regular daily cleaning methods.


Here at CSR, we have a professional cleaning team that can help give your floor a high-quality standard finish.


With professionally cleaned floors, your business will offer clients & customers a nice presentation they will appreciate & remember. With our knowledge & care, often times we can restore floors to their original, new condition - which is always our primary goal.  


How Our Commercial Floor Cleaning Process Works

When you choose CSR to be your commercial floor cleaning company, we go through the same process with every business.


First, we will examine the premise to determine what type of flooring it has & how many types of flooring need to be cleaned.


With this information, we will then determine what types of machinery & cleaning agents we should use in order to properly clean your floors. This is important to ensure your floors end up looking as good as possible.



When we clean your floors, we focus on more than just getting rid of the dirt. We make sure to go at those tough stains that seem to be permanently stuck.


Offices & commercial spaces deal with high amounts of traffic, which exposes floors to a large amount of dirt over time. When our cleaning crew is finished, your floors will be back to a beautiful, clean state. Aside from removing stains, we can also polish your floors to ensure they look their best.

Industrial Cleaning London

We Can Handle All of Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

After years of experience with commercial floor cleaning, we’ve developed an effective process that uses specific equipment & products. All of the machinery we use on your floors will be recommended for your floor type to avoid damage and clean thoroughly.


The products we use will allow your floors & surfaces to breathe, overall leaving a high-quality finish. Because of this, your floors will be able to keep this high-quality look for longer, helping to reduce the costs of continual maintenance.  


If you are satisfied with us after we take care of cleaning your floors, you can turn to use for more of your commercial cleaning needs. Aside from being the best of the best commercial floor cleaning companies in London, we are also known for our:


  • Commercial carpet cleaning

  • Commercial window cleaning

  • Restaurant cleaning

  • Hotel cleaning

  • Gym & SPA cleaning

  • And more!

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