Emergency and Short Notice

There are many different reasons you may require professional cleaning to be done on short notice. Often times one may experience an emergency such as flooding, a fire, or an accident.


No matter what the emergency or problem is, you can turn to CSR for our 24/7 emergency cleaning services in London. We are pros at getting our clients out of a tight spot and can offer assistance on very short notice.



Our comprehensive emergency cleaning services are suitable for handling emergency cleanups for private homes, hotels, restaurants, as well as industrial & commercial spaces.


Aside from being able to offer our cleaning services on an emergency & short notice basis, we are keenly aware of our obligations under Health & Safety legislation.

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CSR Can Handle Any Task, Big or Small

No matter what your situation is, we will do what it takes to offer the most assistance possible.


Whether you need us for a house fire smoke damage clean up, general post-fire cleaning, or even a basement clean up after a flood, our team has many years of experience in order to get your space cleaned up after an emergency.


We will do our best to get your property cleaned up to a safe state so you can continue using your space as soon as possible.



Sometimes you may need to clean up on short notice if you are not satisfied with a previous cleaning company’s work or you need a place cleaned before you move in.


Whatever the problem is, you can give us a call and we will be sure to offer a solution. Our emergency & short notice service is available 24/7 so your cleaning problems can be solved as soon as possible.


When you choose CSR to handle your emergency clean up, you can rest assured that our cleaning staff is knowledgeable on our Sites Procedures Files.


We offer our premium cleaning services in London for competitive prices. Each and every one of our clients will be listened to in order to meet their requirements and standards.

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The Protection of Our Staff, Customers, & Visitors is Our Priority

All of the key information we emphasize include:


  • Risk Assessments

  • Method Statements

  • COSHH Assessments

  • Colour Coding Policy

  • Full Subcontractor Health & Safety Information

  • Training Schedules


We hold our employees responsible for working in strict accordance with our health & safety policy. This means they are to:


  • Act with adequate care in order to prevent injury to themselves as well as others

  • Report any and all incidents immediately.

  • Report any damaged equipment and any potential hazards.

  • Follow the agreed working practices such as the correct way to handle equipment safely as well as the wearing of protective clothing.



By following these strict health & safety accreditations, we demonstrate our commitment to ensuring your space is left in the best state possible when we are finished.  

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