Gym Cleaning Services

Running a gym and spa requires a lot of attention & care when it comes to keeping the premise clean & tidy.


When it comes to cleaning these types of spaces, unique requirements need to be met in order to ensure the health & safety of your customers.


These specific requirements will often relate to water, equipment, as well as changing rooms. Whether you need gym cleaning services, spa cleaning service, or general sports hall floor maintenance, CSR can handle all of your cleaning needs.



Here at CSR, we take the time to understand the specific features of our clients’ health clubs & spas in order to take a personalized approach to the problem.


Our clients show their appreciation to our attentiveness and attention to detail. We care about providing the best service possible & we offer flexible work hours in order to accommodate the 24-hour nature that is common with gym & spa type businesses. 


How We Handle the Professional Cleaning Needs of Gyms & Spas in London

Because of the unique accommodations gym & spas offer their customers, we understand that a different approach to our cleaning methods needs to be taken. This is in order to ensure the health and safety of our clients & their customers.


Showers & Changing Rooms

Even with daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning and maintenance, showers & changing rooms will develop an accumulation of dirt, grease, & soil on difficult to reach surfaces.


Effective cleaning of these areas requires the attention and care of a professional cleaning team. We understand that providing customers with a healthy, safe, and high-quality experience is your priority - which is why we make it ours as well.


Back of House & Front of House


We realise that your business also requires the maintenance and clean up of the back area and front area to ensure the health & safety of employees.


Your customers will also notice the cleanliness of your businesses entrance area, so we will always make sure you give off the best first impression possible when you choose us for your gym or spa maintenance.


Gym Cleaning London

Choose CSR as your Gym and SPA Cleaning Company

Our deep cleaning methods can handle showers, shower doors, curtains, walls, ceilings, light fixtures, floors, sinks & taps, cupboards & lockers, benches, and all of those tough crevices in between. It is possible for us to tailor an annual or biannual maintenance plan to suit your business’s specific needs.


Saunas & Steam Rooms

Saunas and steam rooms require very special attention because the potential of spreading bacterial infections is much higher from the humidity & sweat.


Certain areas of these rooms accumulate dirt & sweat, so we take the precautions necessary in order to bring these areas up to specific health standards. We take special care with these spaces because we care about protecting the reputation of our clients’ businesses as well as the safety of their clients.

Gym Equipment

One of the biggest parts of fitness centre cleaning involves the sanitisation of gym equipment. We understand that a consistently high level of hygiene is key in order to prevent the spread of bacterial infections.


It is essential that gym equipment is cleaned and sanitised on a daily basis. While it is relatively simple to do this, it is an area where you cannot afford to make a mistake.

What our Clients Say About Us

We've been very happy with CSRSupport and their services. Their professionalism and responsiveness has been exceptional. In such a competitive industry, you want someone who will be available and care of you and CSRSupport has been a perfect fit.

Carlos B

These guys did an amazing job in our cleaning our office last week ... they are very detailed unlike other services we used in pass... highly recommended!!

Nathan Clips

Csrsupport Team is always punctual doing always an amazing job! We try many Clenaing companies but we have to admint they are the best!

Joseph Smith

Extremely satisfied with the cleaning service provided by CSRSupport. They have provided our company with more than ideal professional cleaners who tailor to every need in our offices on a daily basis. High quality work is extremely important for the look of our company in which the staff has exceeded. I strongly recommend this company!

Laura Jackson

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