Hotel Cleaning Services

For over 40 years, CSR has been providing hotels in London an exceptional professional cleaning service.


With this experience, we’ve developed an in-depth understanding of the hotel industry. By assisting hotels with their routine cleaning and maintenance, we ensure that they are able to deliver the perfect experience to their clients.


We take our role & partnership with hotels quite seriously and consider ourselves as an extension of your team.



If you’re in need of the best hotel cleaning agency London has to offer, then look no further. We are more than just a cleaning company for hotels; CSR can take care of all of your cleaning needs in a professional and thorough manner.  

Hotel Cleaning London

How Our Hotel Cleaning Services Works

In the hotel industry, we realise that first impressions regarding the presentation of your hotel are crucial for providing your customers with a premium experience.


With our help, we can maintain your hotel’s reputation by keeping the premise immaculate. 


When you choose us to be your go-to hotel cleaning company in London, we cover cleaning the entirety of your hotel so you can focus on other aspects of providing high-quality services to your guests.


Back of House

Keeping the back of house hygiene is important for the health and safety of your employees. With a clean and organised work environment, your employees can work more efficiently.


Not to mention, a clean & tidy environment is great for your employees’ morale so they can feel good while at work.


Because the back of the house is a multi-functional area, you will require cleaning professionals who can provide a wide range of cleaning services. If you need contract cleaning for your hotel, we can get the job done.


This includes the cleaning of kitchens, corridors, changing rooms, toilets, canteens, and any other areas located in your hotel’s employee area. 

hotel cleaning london

Front of House & Public Areas

This is where your customers are going to determine what their first impression is of your hotel. It is extremely important that the reception area and entrance are pristine so your customers realise how much your business cares for their health & safety. Our cleaning team takes pride in getting a job well done, meaning they always aim to reach the highest industry standards.


Our contract cleaning services in London covers every aspect of cleaning your hotel needs. This includes all types of hard floors & carpets, dusting, air vents, toilets, hoovering, lifts, reception areas, and so much more.


Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Even if you follow a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routine in the kitchen, it is inevitable that grease, food, and debris will eventually accumulate in those hard to reach areas. Effective deep cleaning of the kitchen requires professionals in order to ensure a safe, healthy, & high-quality finish that meets all food safety regulations.



We are able to deep clean ovens, canopies, filters, walls, ceilings, taps & sinks, light fixtures, cupboards, drawers, freezers, fridges, food prep surfaces, varied appliances, behind equipment, as well as the floors. If you would like, we can create an annual maintenance program to meet your needs.

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