Marble Floors - Tips on How to Clean it

Today we want to give you some tips for cleaning marble floors. CSR Support is a Commercial Cleaning Company that has been working for years in the field of Industrial cleaning, Business cleaning and office cleaning.

One of the most requested services is the commercial floor cleaning and so parquet, carpet and marble. We are therefore qualified to give you some of our tricks to better clean a marble floor.

Tips and Hints on how to clean marble floors

Marble is one of the most beautiful and most common decorative stones in nature, mostly used for the construction of floors, tables and worktops. This material adds value to your homes and a natural feeling of "welcome".

However, we are talking about a surface as precious as it is delicate, subject to scratches and dirt. Marble requires a lot of care, meticulous attention and particular cleaning interventions. For this reason, in today's guide, we will see in a few steps how to remove stains and how to clean marble floors:

  • How to clean opaque or dirty marble:

When the marble has only been invaded by dust, it must be cleaned with a sponge soaked in a mixture of warm water and Marseille soap and dried quickly with a woollen cloth. The solution you get will also be suitable to get rid of small stains of gravy, fruit or oil.

  • How to clean encrusted marble and stains:

For a deeper cleaning of the marble, use a slightly abrasive wax-based paste. Or create a solution of virgin wax and white spirit. With a sponge, gently go over the marble and rinse, drying it with a woollen cloth. If the stains is difficult to remove, it will be necessary to trace the nature of the product that made that happen, using the same specific solvents that we would normally use. Use acetone for nail polish, ammonia for solidified fats and alcohol for inks.

  • How to Clean Marble ... in the kitchen:

- If you are worried about a coffee stain, do not panic, it can be easily removed with fine cooking salt and lemon juice;
- If the stain has formed due to the strong heat of a pot carelessly placed, create a solution of water and bleach: two spoons for a litre of water;
- If that cigarette burn is getting you close to exhaustion, don't worry. It can be removed with a cloth soaked in pure lemon juice.

Enjoy the cleaning ... but if you don't have the time or desire, rely on our special treatment for any type of floor.

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