Cleaning and sanitizing service for the workplace

CSR Support – Commercial Cleaning Company offers a specific office cleaning service. It should be considered that this term “offices” includes many types of work environments that cannot simply be called offices. Medical offices, shops, restaurants cleaning, bars, recording rooms, work vehicles, taxis etc…

Unfortunately, however, the sanitation of the workplace is not always a priority in our daily life. Being overloaded with work leads us to underestimate the situation.

Workers Health

The health and well-being of workers and the sanitation of other work environments are among the first duties of work management. Although not on a daily basis, there is a legal obligation to take full responsibility for maintaining safe and healthy workplaces.

Any negative effects on health, safety, well-being, environment, community deriving from sector processes, must be prevented by the management team.

When it comes to sanitation and cleaning, we should all take full measures, carried out considering the utmost professionalism and competence in using the right products suitable for sanitation.

The goal is to preserve health in the workplace and in any other place. Maintaining a healthy work environment is therefore essential to prevent any contamination of various origins.

Bacteria can grow on unsuspected surfaces and, therefore, make work environments unhealthy. Sometimes, just thinking that a work surface is clean doesn’t mean it’s sanitized. So we should always make sure to clean¬† and sanitize workplaces, before living our daily life.

Soap and detergents

Cleaning with plain soap and other detergents is only one step in the cleaning procedure. A real sanitization of work environments is much more complex. In fact, it is necessary to disinfect using specific products for each type of surface.

Cleaning with ordinary products will remove dirt or grease, but it won’t necessarily kill bacteria or other pathogens. Only thorough sanitation will be able to eliminate bacteria and ensure that the area is safe for daily work.

A sanitation plan is important in any work area. It ensures that all surfaces are cleaned on a regular basis and reduces the risk of transferring bacteria or other pathogens from one dirty surface to another clean one.

A sanitation plan is carried out according to a pre-established cleaning program. It outlines how each element must be cleaned and how often this must happen.

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